This week, we’re zooming into an inspiring story that unfolds in the locker rooms of the Indiana Pacers, unraveling the remarkable power of proactive and efficient disinfection in protecting athletes’ health and safeguarding investments.

Spotlight: A Slam Dunk Against Pathogens

MonoFoil D and the Indiana Pacers: A Case Study

The Indiana Pacers, an eminent name in the NBA, faced a formidable opponent off the court – persistent outbreaks of MRSA and Staph in their locker rooms. The integration of MonoFoil D into their cleaning regimen turned the tide, plummeting their infection cases down to a triumphant zero. Let’s explore how this transition not only fortified the health of the team but also shielded their financial stability by minimizing player downtime and safeguarding their stellar roster.


📈 Impact Highlights:

  • Ensured uninterrupted player availability and maintained team performance.
  • Avoided potential financial ramifications related to healthcare and player absences.
  • Upheld the Pacers’ reputation by providing a safe and clean environment.



Comparative Analysis: MonoFoil D vs. Traditional Methods

A Day in a Life: The Traditional Cleaner vs. MonoFoil D


🔍 The Traditional Approach:

  • Step 1: Cleaning: Utilizing general cleaners, a staff member must thoroughly clean surfaces to remove dirt and debris, which can take considerable time, especially in high-traffic areas like locker rooms.
  • Step 2: Disinfecting: Post-cleaning, surfaces must be disinfected, often requiring additional products and adherence to specified dwell times to ensure efficacy.
  • Step 3: Antimicrobial Protection: To provide ongoing antimicrobial protection, a separate, usually labor-intensive, antimicrobial application is typically required.
  • Labor Time: Cumulatively, a significant amount of time is invested in sequential cleaning, disinfecting, and protecting surfaces—time that most cleaning staff simply do not have.
  • Materials Used: Multiple products, each with their own application protocols, safety concerns, and cost implications.


🔍 The MonoFoil D Approach:

  • Step 1: All-in-One Application: With MonoFoil D, the cleaning, disinfecting, and ongoing microbial protection happen in a single application, effectively cutting down on the multifaceted approach of traditional methods.
  • Labor Time: A straightforward application reduces time and effort markedly, freeing up cleaning staff for other critical tasks.
  • Materials Used: Just one product tackles all the facets of comprehensive surface hygiene—cleaning, disinfecting, and microbial protection.
  • Cost Efficiency: Investing in one product instead of several, not to mention the saved labor time, translates to tangible cost savings.


Imagine having one tool that does the job of three, saving loads of time and effort. That’s what MonoFoil D does in the cleaning world – it cleans, disinfects, and keeps surfaces protected from germs all in one go! No more juggling different products and spending extra hours on keeping things clean and safe. Plus, spending on one do-it-all product instead of several means more money saved.

Just like the success story with the Pacers, MonoFoil D isn’t just about keeping things clean; it’s about making the whole cleaning process way simpler and efficient for everyone involved.

Your Weekly Reminder: The Power of Selling MonoFoil D

Navigating through a myriad of products, MonoFoil D stands out not just as a groundbreaking solution but also as a sales goldmine, ensuring that you – our treasured sales reps – reap substantial rewards!

  • Profitable Margins: Leverage the premium positioning of MonoFoil D to secure impressive margins unlike other products on the market.
  • Stable Pricing: Relish the peace of mind with stable pricing, shielding you from market fluctuations and pricing wars of commoditized products.
  • Sole-Source Manufacturing: Take pride in offering a unique product that your competitors don’t have access to.


Wrap Up: Elevating Standards, One Application at a Time

MonoFoil D isn’t just a product; it’s a catalyst, elevating operational standards across industries by minimizing work, maximizing protection, and maintaining health.

As we celebrate its success with the Pacers, we’re also here, arms wide open, to assist you in scripting similar success stories across your client base.

Your partnership elevates MonoFoil D’s journey, ensuring safer, cleaner, and more efficient spaces across industries. Let’s continue shaping a future where cleanliness and efficiency go hand in hand.