In this week’s edition, we’re zeroing in on a feature that stands head and shoulders above the rest: 24-hour protection. It’s more than just a number; it’s a promise of round-the-clock defense. Let’s unravel why this is a game-changer in the world of disinfectants.

Why 24-Hour Protection Matters:

  1. Consistent Safety: While many disinfectants clean upon application, their effect diminishes once dry. A 24-hour protective barrier means that surfaces stay safeguarded from harmful pathogens, from one cleaning cycle to the next.



  1. Reduced Labor & Costs: Imagine the savings when you don’t have to disinfect consistently throughout the day. Not only does this reduce labor costs, but it also means less product is used over the same period.
  2. Peace of Mind: Whether it’s an office, school, or hospital, knowing that surfaces remain protected provides an invaluable peace of mind to occupants and staff alike.


Standing Out from the Rest:

  • No Residues: Many disinfectants leave a trace—be it sticky, cloudy, or toxic. Our solution offers robust protection without compromising the cleanliness and integrity of the surface.
  • No Harmful Fumes: Safety isn’t just about what’s on the surface. It’s about the air we breathe. Our 24-hour formula doesn’t emit toxic fumes, making it ideal for enclosed environments.
  • No Surface Degradation: Most products, bleach-based or not, slowly degrade the surfaces they are treating every time they are applied. This contributes to significant costs over time as equipment needs to be replaced. MonoFoil D 24 is safe for any surface, hard or soft.


24-Hour Protection is Easy:


Equip Your Sales Pitch:

For our dedicated sales reps, remember:

  • The differentiation is simple. Ask your customers if they want to continue using a product that works for minutes, or switch to one that lasts for 24 hours.
  • We don’t do what every other product does. The products that people are used to using leave behind residues, emit toxic fumes, and destroy the surfaces that are treated. Switching to a product that doesn’t do any of that is a no brainer.
  • Address cost efficiency. Over time, the savings in labor and product usage make a compelling argument.


Encourage your potential clients to think long-term and invest in a solution that offers continuous protection. After all, true peace of mind comes from knowing you’re shielded every second of the day.