The Germ Killer That Empowers the Best Adventures


Great adventures, especially those in the great outdoors, are often accompanied with dirt, sweat…and sometimes tears. But we don’t want you to cry over the stench left behind by smelly shoes and socks…we want you to be free to conquer the next big adventure. Whatever challenges and fun lay ahead of you, from surfing to camping to yoga, MonoFoil can make a tremendous difference in fighting odor, bacteria, and other germs that come with the territory.

MonoFoil is a spray on cleaner that disinfects surfaces with an antimicrobial shield. It has the power to leave surfaces cleaner…longer. It uses simple science to produce a sustainable product that bonds to surfaces, creating a germ barrier. Why spend more time cleaning with toxic chemical? MonoFoilD is child and pet friendly, hypoallergenic, and odorless. It is also designed to physically inhibit the growth of fungi…mold and mildew. Perfect for all of life’s adventures!

Here are just a few ways that MonoFoil can make a difference in your adventurous life:


How to Have Stink Free Running Gear

Jogging, hiking, running…they all have something in common. FEET! And everyone knows that feet can STINK! Especially sweaty feet that have been battling the elements. Spray MonoFoilD on smelly shoes and socks to banished odor causing bacteria, and to create a shied from reoccurring bacteria. Let’s face it. Washing your shoes everyday just isn’t practical. MonoFoil offers you a better solution!


Keep Your Camping Gear Clean and Mold Free!

When soap and water aren’t always available, you can spray MonoFoilD on any surfaces that need to be disinfected. You can also use it to help control mold and mildew that loves to grow in tents, sleeping bags, and camping chairs. These items are not easy to clean, so you can trust MonoFoilD to get the job done.


How To Kill Bad Bacteria On Surfing Equipment

Have you ever accidentally left a wet towel in your car for several days? Well, the strong sour and mildew smell that it leaves behind won’t let you forget your mistake. And how about that wetsuit? Sure, the salt water and sun do a great job of naturally deodorizing your surfing gear…but it can still get a funky smell. A few spritzes of MonoFoilD will have your vehicle and wetsuit smelling as fresh as an ocean breeze.


Keep Your Boat Clean With this One Easy Step!

Whether you are fishing, water-skiing, or taking a pleasure ride & picnic, the boat can be a place where germs are overlooked. By spraying MonoFoilD on your boats surfaces, you can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria….reducing odor, harmful germs, mold, and mildew. And we all know that boats and boating equipment are a mecca for mold & mildew. Spray down your life jackets and seat cushions for an added bonus. And how about that cooler? Could it use a little MonoFoil magic?

Which one of your great adventure could use a little MonoFoil•? Tell us about it!


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